Michelle is an International Intuitive Numerologist and Hay House author of The Numerology Guidebook and Numerology Guidance Oracle Cards who has studied Numerology for 31 years.

She is also a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner who was the Resident Spiritual Columnist for Woman’s Day magazine and Resident Numerologist for TVNZ’s Good Morning from 2009 to 2013.

Michelle provides accurate personal readings and oracle card readings to people all over the world. She also runs Numerology, Meditation, Oracle Card Reading, Manifestation and the Law of Attraction workshops, both in person and online. She lives in Papamoa, Tauranga.

A personal reading with Michelle will reveal your destiny and life purpose in this life, along with the major life lessons you have pre-chosen and were born to overcome.

If you’re in need of intuitive guidance, clarity, insight and direction, your Numerology blueprint calculated from your birth certificate name and date of birth will reveal exactly what you need to serve your greater good, raise your vibration and align yourself with Source Energy/Your Higher Self/Your Mighty I AM Presence.

In her personal readings Michelle will teach you all about the Ascended Masters, Higher Energies and Universal Laws that govern this world and how to align with them to increase the synchronicity in your life, improve your health and wellbeing and obtain a state of contentment, inner peace, happiness and joy.

Online Services

Michelle offers online numerology readings and oracle card readings as well as counselling and life coaching sessions. She also runs online classes, seminars and workshops teaching numerology, spiritual development, meditation, how to use oracle cards and manifestation techniques with the Law of Attraction. Through her website she also sells numerology charts, personality profiles and 12 month forecast reports as well as relationship compatibility and name advisor reports.

Michelle Buchanan – Numerologist

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