Healing Body, Mind and Soul

Offering Individualised therapies and a range of Courses

Feeling stressed, tired, lethargic, depressed, lacking purpose, direction and clarity?

Whether your pain is physical or emotional, experience deep relaxation and rejuvenate with a Namaste Remedial or Relaxation therapy, catering for your specific needs.

Shirley Green owner/Therapist has been involved in massage and Natural healing for about 30 years. She offers a wide range of therapies, which can include aspects from the following modalities: Acupressure, Polarity, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Crystals and Reiki, Intuitive Aura Clearing, Chakra balancing and Alignment.

 Online therapies are also available which can include aspects of Meditation, Reiki and Intuitive Energy and Aura Clearing.

All therapies are a unique combination of the modalities that are appropriate for you at the time of your visit and always cater for your needs in a consultation ensuring you gain the full benefit of your therapy. We cater for all ages, babies to all adults.

The Namaste Clinic courses developed from Shirley’s awareness of the need to share the knowledge she had gained, as clients became interested in how she worked with people and put together her therapies. 

Anyone can do the courses; no prior knowledge or experience is required. The courses are fun, informative and provide an opportunity to meet likeminded people. 

Learn how to treat yourself, family, friends (or clients if you have your own business). All courses have a manual or notes provided.

Discover Namaste Clinic – Discover pure Relaxation and Peace while you rejuvenate and restore wellness.

For more information on Therapies and Courses visit namasteclinic.co.nz 

or Contact Shirley on 0272239532

or email joeandshirleygreen@xtra.co.nz