Nia is a fun, dynamic movement practice that leaves you feeling energised and alive.

Blending the latest neuroplasticity science with ancient wisdom, The Nia Technique educates dancers to approach life and their bodies in a holistic manner, infusing love, joy and a refreshed sense of body awareness.

A delightful range of Music and choreography inspires dancers to feel free.

Belinda encourages dancers to choose an intensity level and adapt the movements, dancing in your body’s way.


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Leave your shoes and inhibitions at the door, quieten your mind, and be guided into the sensations of the body. Feel the strength of social connections with like-minded souls reclaiming life, joy, and happiness.

Nia is a grounded cardiovascular dance class incorporating the chemistry and the healing of Martial arts, Dance Arts, and Philosophical healing wisdom.

STEP in and experience the MAGIC

Belinda – Nia Dance
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