Transform your life by clearing and recoding your timeline by facilitating the power of God, and the frequency of essential oils, to identify and release trapped energy imbalances and limiting beliefs caused by painful memories.

God inspires your unique, heartfelt truth into those areas and recodes you with your truth.

Truth is high frequency. It ‘cancel clears’ negative thoughts and emotions, freeing you to ‘Imagineer’ yourself and life differently. Live happier, joyful, self-confident, free to fulfil your life purpose and attract your highest choices.

As emotional energy from the body releases, you may experience improvements to your physical health and well-being.

  • ReCode 60 min Session
    Timeline clearing, own life and generational
    Clear roots causing blocks and skewed beliefs
    Release trapped energy
    Reset with essential oils
    Integration of stuck personality parts
    Get your unique God truth affirmation
    Oneness with self, others, God
    Greater clarity, and return of self love
    Physical healing may return
    Cancel Karma code, trauma loops, negative cycles and habits
    Return to your highest authentic self, Imagineering and attracting your highest choices.

Wendy, Intuitive Healer, lover of God, Spirit and essential oils, is passionate about helping others live happier, healthier and joyful lives. Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner, Qualified Liebuster, SOZO Ministry, Aroma Freedom Technique, Emotion Code, Young Living Essential Oils member 2262255. Zoom sessions available.

Wendy Maggs
[email protected]
027 383 4203
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton