Heya, I’m Tasmin.

I am a wife, Mumma of two beautiful little girls, a qualified Homeopath and Birth Doula. I moved to New Zealand from South Arica in 2019 with my husband and daughter. I have a small home-based practice in Pyes Pa, Tauranga.

As a Homeopath

I studied in South Africa at the University of Johannesburg and completed my Mtech in Homeopathy in 2017.

I absolutely love how individualized Homeopathy is and seeing the positive impact it has on people’s lives. I have a special interest in women’s/maternal health as well as children’s health, including learning barriers.

As a Birth Doula

It was through my own journey of pregnancy and birth that sparked a desire to support women in pregnancy and birth. I knew that I wanted a different birth experience from my first! I had an ‘emergency’ C-section with my first and so badly wanted to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) second time round.

I had heard that having a Birth Doula reduced the section rates and helped women have a more positive birth experience, no matter how she birthed. I wanted to feel heard, loved, supported, and educated in my choices.

I trained as a Birth Doula through DONA International and am excited to support women and their families through one of the most magical times in their lives.

Tasmin Fourie

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