Working under the name of New Directions, I offer psychic mediumship, Reiki, workshops, Akashic Record readings and healing, meditation, mentoring, and Spiritual Guidance.

I have been blessed with my gift for over 28 years and over this time I have developed and grown from strength to strength to do the work the Universe has chosen me to do.

I started by learning tarot, meditation, Aura, and basic spiritual connection and how to trust and believe in my gift at the Francie Williams Foundation in Auckland. I studied numerology in depth and I use that modality daily.

Since I retired from full time work 10 years ago, I have continued to learn and grow, and now I work at a whole different level. My guide Dark Eagle has guided me so patiently so that I can now contact with love ones who have passed over. He led me to my Reiki teacher who worked with me to achieve my Reiki Master and still works with me to further my intuition and connection to create an amazing healing experience.

During lockdown in 2020, I completed 2 workshops, level 1 and level 2 on Accessing and healing through the Akashic Records.

By accessing the Akashic I can go further into past lives and help people to heal and release past life issues, behaviours, fears and connections. This allows them to gain a better understanding of their soul purpose and their journey in this life time. 

I really love to see people leave me after a healing session or a reading, feeling lighter, happy that they have connected with a loved one, or received guidance and messages. This makes my work worthwhile, and I feel so blessed to have this gift so I can share it with so many people. Knowing they can get closure, relief and answers to the questions and allow them the happiness they are seeking.

Gayle Orr
facebook: fbnewdirections2016
027 291 7150