Hello! My name is Stacy Sadler. 

I have been doing this work for the past 7 years, although I have always been very connected to spirituality and my intuitive abilities throughout my life. Tarot & Oracle readings can help you to gain clarity, receive Divine messages from Universe/Spirit/our guides, help to understand yourself more, and step more into your power. Some of the readings I offer are:

Detailed readings – Covers career, love, relationships, home, money, health etc. 

3, 6 or 12 month forecast readings – This will give you an overview of the biggest themes you will be working with in upcoming months. 

Chakra readings – which will give you an insight into any blockages in your energy centres, and working through these.  

New & Full Moon readings – this covers the same as the detailed reading but is generally more focused onto one or two areas, and covers the lunar month ahead. 

Please contact me to discuss a reading to suit your needs.   

I am available for in person readings at Infinity Spiritual Centre, and I am also available for online readings which are written and sent via email. 

More services I offer are:

Tarot beginners course – for those of you wanting to develop your abilities more using Tarot 

New Moon Tarot Circle – a monthly meet up which includes a Tarot read, intention setting & New Moon Meditation

I also offer a free Pick-a-card on my Instagram and Facebook pages every New and Full Moon! 

I look forward to connecting with you! 

Stacy Sadler


Instagram: stacystarot

Facebook: stacysadlertarot


Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre