I am grateful to my ancestors for teaching me the philosophy of being a human being and how to take good care of my health.

In 1992, I came to New Zealand. In 2006, I used my ancestors’ medical knowledge to help my ex-husband recuperate from skin cancer.

My specialty is to use the whole traditional face-to-face diagnosis, scraping (Gua Sha), cupping and moxibustion therapy for conditioning and balance.

I also teach my unique skills to help people who need to learn. I use the Book of Changes (I Ching) to help clients deal with emotional problems too.

There are only three things of value in this world: Heaven, man and Earth.

May we all cherish our one-way trip!

Testimonial: Six years ago I had to have an operation on my forehead to get a cancerous growth removed at Waikato Hospital. It was done under local anaesthetic and was very painful. At the time, I was told to come back in ten weeks to have the same operation on the right side of my forehead and was given six different tablets “to be taken daily” from the chemist which I did for approximately two weeks, until I met Sue.
Sue told me to stop the tablets and she gave me treatment, Gua Sha, and an oil to rub on the right side of my forehead which was made from natural herbs. In a very short time, the signs of the cancer had disappeared, to the point where, when I went back to hospital, they could find no traces of cancer left, so did not operate.
That was over five years ago and I have not taken any pills or had any operation since.
– Glenn Scott

Sue Xu
022 681 0143
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton