The Healing Hub is a tranquil, peaceful nurturing environment where you can come and experience a deeply healing Swedish remedial massage and energy bodywork including chakra balancing, acupressure and lymphatic drainage. 

My healing gift is intuitive, I am guided by my indigenous Native American spirit guide who channels through me so I can work on the areas in most need, she also passes on important information for my clients to assist them on their healing journey.

Whether you have a physical ailment or emotional hurt or maybe both, intuitive bodywork will help shift and unblock stagnant energy and trapped emotions that are holding you back in your life. You will step out of your session energised and rejuvenated with a sense of clarity that will allow you to listen to your “inner voice” more clearly. Chronic pain is often diminished or can disappear completely. 

If you feel the calling I would be honoured and privileged to share my Mahi with you. I look forward to seeing you at my Raglan studio.

– Trudi


I can’t recommend Trudi enough. This woman is amazing. After spending 7+ years on Parkinson’s medication for restless leg syndrome and consulting countless Drs and health professionals Trudi managed to sort the problem out in a one-hour session! It’s been 4 weeks and I’m still off the pills.

I have a weekly massage with Trudi to unblock my lymph nodes. Thank you so much Trudi.

– Daina Agnew, Raglan 

Trudi – The Healing Hub
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