The Sunshine Hub is a market stall promoting wellbeing, sustainability and connection, and can currently be found most Saturdays during April and May at the Welcome Market in Ohauiti, Tauranga.

I began it in June 2020, with the desire to help people connect with each other and with things that they may be interested in, and to share about healing therapies.

Displays include poster boards to share details about topics such as Tree Planting, The Dog Share Collective – which is nationwide and awesome – and Healing Modalities & Healers. I like to promote things that I feel passionate about, and feel drawn to share.

Sometimes I have spray free flower seedlings and flowers on the table, and sometimes organic seeds. I love having conversations about Permaculture.

I can also help link people who are interested in Rongoa Maori Plant Medicine with people who enjoy teaching about it.

From having had my stall at many different markets around Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, and also at Waihi Beach, I have really enjoyed connecting with lots of lovely interesting people. I love helping introduce them to each other as well, when it feels like puzzle pieces to link.

Am beginning to create Sunshine Gatherings also, which will be about connection, and will include creative gatherings, and group walks, and sharing.

I used to run monthly produce swaps, mainly organic, for 4 years, where we’d gather in different gardens each time and explore and share afternoon tea. Lots of nice connections were made with each other.

That’s how I discovered Permaculture – the wisdom from the ancient cultures about gardening in a way that is natural, full of abundance, and healthier for us. Caring for the Land and Caring for the People.

If anyone is interested in participating in gatherings or wants to get in touch, feel free to contact me, or come say hello if you see me at the markets sometime.