Therapeutic Angel is now an online business offering coaching, hypnotherapy, reiki and psychic readings. Jan still gives 110% to her clients.

All sessions can either be via video or audio link (zoom or skype) from anywhere in the world. Whichever package you select, you will be delighted with the effort and achievements you can make. Jan has created unique individualised sessions to help you find and reach your goals with the aid of her specific training in coaching, neurolinguistic and executive state identification programming, plus her skills as a hypnotherapist and theta healer and her 20+ years as a registered nurse.

All of Jan’s packages are designed to help you find your dream lifestyle of relaxed contentment. Jan will help you unwind, rejuvenate and re-balance your body mind and soul. Jan will actively listen to your story and encourage you to come up with your workable solutions to needs and wants, just by using appropriate questioning. You will be amazed at the results Jan has achieved in a short period with her clients, be they coaching, hypnosis, reiki or someone looking for spiritual guidance and enlightenment.

Jan believes her own previous life experiences of motherhood to two now grown-up boys, a 25-year marriage that ended in a very challenging divorce, and moving solo from the UK to NZ where she didn’t know a soul. Changing from a stable secure nursing position to contracting her nursing services, and setting up her own holistic business from scratch, have afforded her valuable experience and skills, that she can use to help others build the lifestyle they long for.

Jan Maunder

021 173 3829