Hello, my name is Jan Maunder. l’m a Registered Nurse of 20+ years and a light worker.

I offer face to face and distance treatments like massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, lymphatic drainage, reiki, combined energy healing and intuitive reading, hypnotherapy and psychic online readings and courses.

I use my nursing knowledge to enhance my distance and face to face energy and reiki healings. l scan from head to toes, visualising every organ and tune into the client’s needs to direct healing energy where my intuition feels it’s most needed. This helps relax, re-energise and dispel unwanted negative energy from the body, mind and soul.

I use my skills of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming and theta healing to help clients move forward to a life of manageable stress and anxiety levels, and freedom from phobias or negative conditioning from childhood or toxic relationships. To help maintain and reinforce positive results meditation recordings are made and given to clients.

As my holistic skills develop, so do my psychic skills of mediumship. l now get regular input from the spirit and angelic realms.

Very often my client’s current issues are communicated to me by my spirit team before the client voices them.

I am a firm believer in the less the client tells me, the better they will believe and trust in what I and my tarot cards reveal. Thus as their current life story unfolds with the turning of each tarot card, their predicted future pathway being revealed by the tarot will more likely be acknowledged as truth and followed.

Jan Maunder
[email protected]
021 173 3829
Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton