Tihei Mauri Ora!

I begin my korero with immense acknowledgement of gratitude to Nga Atua, the Gods of above, below, beyond and within. The many universal energies that awhi and guide the flow of this essence I soulfully hold.

From the mountain peaks of Tongariro and Tuhua, to the waters that stream and well upon these lands, effortlessly providing nutrients and sustainable survival to all life’s existence… 

Thank you – forever so grateful!

We each hold sacred magic within oneself. Individually, equally, personally spun perfectly to compliment this journey, we came to unfold as we evolve and transition through experience and emotion here in this earth realm.

My journey along side wairua/spirit, has been known to me since I can remember. Actively raised amongst my elders, within the marae, surrounded by death and a whole lot of love, observations of my father walk as a healer… these have all played precious tones to the music of my haerenga.

This essence within, directed by light from beyond, gifted from one heart to another.

Renee Barrett-Jones


Energy / Sound reading and healing
Spiritual wellness advisor
House clearing 
Meditation, space holder
Workshops and circles.


Also at Infinity Spiritual Centre Hamilton