Yoni Mapping Therapy is a sexual wellness modality exclusively for women.

Would you like to feel more connected and at ease with your sexual energy as a woman? Would you like to experience more pleasure and joy in your sexual encounters?

And… how about awakening a sense of sacredness and healing in your love life?

We live in a society where some women are not experiencing their sexuality as joyful and nourishing.

And some women have resigned into feeling sexually frustrated, inadequate, or plainly “can’t be bothered”. What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Yoni mapping therapy takes you on a 3‑hour journey that is informative and deeply relaxing – as well as profoundly inspiring and embodied!

After a session, most women feel a profound sense of aliveness and vitality in their pelvis.

They enjoy a deeper connection with their yoni and a newfound sense of feeling honoured and at home in their body as a woman.

Ylia is a midwife and has been giving Yoni Mapping sessions in Auckland for the past 4 years, following an extensive specialised training.

She offers her sessions in a beautiful private clinic about 20km from Raglan.

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Ylia Sawitzki

Ylia is also a sculpture artist and a Reiki and intuitive massage practitioner. Yoni Mapping for her is like the icing on the cake – or the cherries on the blackforrest gateau, as she is originally from Germany!

It is a culmination of the variety of her careers and interests that have all revolved around her fascination with intuitive bodywork and healing.