Spring gives us the urge to freshen up our home by giving things a really good clean, throwing some stuff away, changing some furniture around etc. For some of us, we might even spring clean our bodies by doing a juice cleanse or a short fast. 

Here are some accessible ideas that you can employ to give your body a good spring clean that are less intimidating than living off leafy greens for a week!

Eat mainly seasonal fruit and vegetables – buy them fresh daily, but take care to buy what is in season. Prepare them however you like. The main thing is to reduce your diet to as much fresh food as you can.

If you enjoy a wee tipple, why not say no for a few days or even a week or two. Challenge accepted?

Get outside for a walk, or read a book in the sun. Try to spend at least one hour per day outside – your body will thank you for the boost of Vitamin D and for the release in serotonin. 

Reset your sleeping routine. No devices, large meals, or exercise two hours before bed. You may be in a pattern of getting to sleep late since we are just coming out of winter – now is the time to try to align yourself a little more with the sun again. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier!

Clean out your laundry and kitchen cupboards of chemical-based cleaning products and replace with natural ones that are environmentally safe and non toxic to your family and your pets. 

While you’re at it, check out your body care products and research natural alternatives. We are quick to consider what we put in our bodies when we want to get cleaner, but we rarely consider what we put on our bodies or what’s in the air that we breathe.