Winter is here again and while we lament the loss of light and the many rainy cold days, the earth hibernates to be born again in Spring. 

Everything in life has to come full circle and the shortest day and darkest, longest night is represented by a Spiral. The spiral honours the natural rhythm of the seasons, nature and Mother Earth. 

One tradition that can be carried out around this time of year is the spiral walk. The spiral symbolises spiritual development, universal growth, development and a journey in many cultures and religions all over the world. 

The Spiral walk is a quiet, contemplative practice which carries the light into the darkness, encouraging the sharing of light with others and the light within. 

Place a candle in the centre of a large spiral (big enough to walk around) that you have formed from pine needles or other greenery from your garden. You could do this in the centre of a room or outside (depending how cold it is). Light the candle in the middle of the spiral .

Turn off all lights and create a quiet and peaceful mood. One at a time each person walks into the spiral with an unlit candle. Each person makes their way to the spiral’s centre, and there they find the large lighted candle, and from it light their own. They then make their way back to their seat through the spiral, placing their lit candle with care somewhere along the spiral’s path. The lights brighten the path for those who come after. Each person walks alone, at their own pace, in their own way.

It is often included as a part of winter festivals on, or near, the winter solstice so why not take some time to try out this practise during the coldest and darkest time of the year. Light your way and spread the light with you. 

Warmest blessings 

Vicki on behalf of Ronja & Brian