Vision boards or dream boards are a collection of images, words and phrases that speak to the future you want to create. They are used to manifest and create the future of your dreams and give you something to focus on. 

If we live in the energy of being grateful for the things we want, they are more likely to happen as we are energetically creating them. Rhonda Byrne refers to this as “your top ten list.” In her book The Magic she suggests writing down your top ten list everyday as if you already have them. 

For example a gratitude phrase like “Thank you, thank you, thank you for the overseas holiday.” Dr Jo Dispenza in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself discusses quantum physics and how your quantum field (energy field) changes if you are living as if your dreams have already come true. This is called manifestation! 

So, create your own vision dream board:

STEP ONE: Write a list of your top ten desires eg: I want to reconnect with my lost Aunt, I want to own a house, redecorate my bedroom, etc

STEP TWO: Collect images, quotes, coloured paper, pens, glue, etc that can be used to create your vision board

STEP THREE: Cut, past and glue (or digitally create) your dream board. It is basically a giant poster of your top ten desires (see the picture for an example).

STEP FOUR: Put your dream board somewhere prominent where you will see it every day such as your altar or on your bedroom wall. 

STEP FIVE: Manifest all your dreams!