If you’re keen to see how easy it is to make your own face or body moisturizer, give this recipe a go. 

Using natural oils on your skin means you avoid nasty chemicals and toxins that seep into your skin and get absorbed in the bloodstream. You are likely to be surprised how much better your skin feels after switching to a natural product.

There are so many different products you can use, and it pays to do a little research – plus some trial and error – to find a combination that feels good on your skin.

Moisturiser article imageWe have enjoyed using the following combination on dry and acne-prone skin.

In a double bath, allow the following products to fully melt:

One tablespoon of shea butter
A small handful of cocoa butter chips
Two tablespoons of coconut oil

Once fully melted, add 10ml (or a heavy dash!) of either grapeseed, jojoba, argan or hempseed oil.

We add a sprinkling of matcha green powder, and then approximately 3 drops of an essential oil that agrees with your skin type. 

Try tea tree for acne prone skin, lavender for dry skin, clary sage or rosemary for oily skin, frankincense for sensitive skin.

Give the mixture a good stir, then pour into a small plastic container to act as a mould – try an empty hummus container or a joghurt pottle. 

Place in the fridge to set, then pop the moisturizer bar out of the mould and apply to your skin after your daily cleanse!

– Ronja Skandera