The use of essential oils can be a beneficial addition to any home, health and beauty routine. In the season of sore throats and runny noses, why not try the following blend of essential oils which may help you combat the winter ills and chills.

For a warm winter bath

Add to the bath water 2 drops thyme linalol, 2 drops tea tree, 1 drop eucalyptus radiata, 3 drops geranium, 3 drops cardamom

Steam bath inhalation

Add to a bowl of hot water 1 drop thyme linalol, 1 drop lavender, 1 drop geranium. Inhale the steam with a towel over your head, keeping he eyes closed.

Chest and sinus massage

Add to 2 teaspoons of carrier oil (e.g hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil – or add to 2 teaspoons of aloe vera) 1 drop lemon, 2 drops eucalyptus radiata, 2 drops rosemary. Rub on chest and on upper lip, taking care not to introduce oil into nostrils!

– Article by Ronja Skandera