Colouring Mandalas is a nourishing way to spend time and can help you to connect with your intuition.

It is a fun way to be creative and they can be as simple as you want them to be, and really fulfilling. I love colouring them and find it really interesting how each one turns out.

Mandalas are circular symmetrical designs and sometimes while colouring them, thoughts may appear from the right side of your brain – your creative intuitive mind – that you can jot down. This often happens with creative activities, and when we are feeling joy.

You can create your own Mandala drawings if you like. Or there are many free ones online that you can choose from and print, if you search ‘free Mandala colouring pages’. You can add the word ‘simple’ or ‘flower’ to the search and see different results appear. 

Alternatively, you can stick a piece of thin paper on top of a printed Mandala and simply colour in the bits you feel like colouring. This way, you could colour the same Mandala in 100 different ways!

Use the colours that you feel drawn to. Coloured pencils are great, and it can be helpful to create colour scales, to see the shades of the pencils when you press firmly and lightly, to use the exact shades you feel drawn to most.

Watercolour pencils are fun too and a paint brush, or paint brush pen that you can fill with water.

Nature Mandalas are also really magical. You can wander around and collect leaves and flowers, and have a sacred time arranging them on the grass, or on a board. 

They also can be captivating as a table or ground centrepiece for gatherings (with crystals and candles). They enhance occasions beautifully.

If you would like to come to a Mandala Art Fun gathering sometime, and connect with friendly souls, we can have fun colouring some, and create some nature ones too. Contact Carina at: