Highest Self podcast by Sahara RoseThe Highest Self – Sahara Rose

The podcast has a spiritual focus and looks at developing your spiritual practice. Sahara Rose discusses what she is called to discuss and also interviews people about their spiritual practice.

Recommended episodes

  • Law of Attraction techniques with the secret creator Rhonda Byrne
  • How to choose the path of ease with Susie Moore
  • Reclaiming your Inner Witch, sharing your voice and healing the feminine wound with Mia Magik

Beauty in Balance podcast by Vandghie BadenhorstBeauty in Balance – Vandghie Badenhorst

This podcast focuses on the hormonal balance in your body as a woman and is a really good podcast if you are over-emotional, have a high stress lifestyle and want to learn more about how to balance these things.

Recommended episodes:

  • The (Almost) Magical hormones you need more of every day
  • Organisation and Happier hormones

The Fit Mind podcast by Liam McClintockThe Fit Mind – Liam McClintock

This podcast is a series of interviews with a range of people from gurus, to elite sportsmen and women, to doctors to authors about a variety of topics. If you like the interview style podcast then this is the one for you.

Recommended episodes

  • Creating a stress proof brain – Melanie Greenberg
  • The Science of Blue Mind – Wallace J Nichols
  • Attention Diets – Neil Pasricha