Self-Care is important around this time of year!

As the pressure upon us speeds up to complete deadlines, finish up projects, juggle family with social activities – and perhaps you may be preparing for the festive season. Phew!!!

Taking care of our energy is the Yin and Yang to balancing our lifestyle. There are many holistic modalities to choose from, including Reiki healing. It is a beautiful energy healing treatment, a gentle technique which helps to support your overall wellbeing.

Reiki Energy Healing is a non-intrusive Japanese Technique and assists to reduce stress and helps promote healing.

We know that everything in the Universe is energy. Including our emotions. Consider, just for a moment, someone angry – and how your ‘own’ emotions can be affected by their energy. Especially leading up to the busy festive season.

Now recall a celebration where everyone was happy, everyone joyous, including you. I am certain that you experienced an expansion in your own energy, feeling possibly intoxicated with heightened energies that leave your mind, body and spirit bathing with the warm and fuzzies.

We have all experienced emotional blocks at different times in our lives. Maybe it’s those disappointments in not landing that job or promotion you had hoped for? The offer on the dream house or car that fell through. This energy can get ‘stuck’ somewhere in the mind, body and soul.

Reiki is Pure Life Force Energy and helps to unblock and dissolve those physical, mental, spiritual and emotional blocks. It’s for enhancing the body’s natural overall healthy balance, wellness, vitality and wellbeing. Reiki can heal all facets of your life. Imagine the benefits of this healing modality, and gifting yourself with a feeling of peace and calm as you recharge and re-centre your mind, body, spirit and soul.

Make Reiki energy healing a part of your self care personal ritual.

Love & Bliss

Nicola Mary Burton

Relationships Therapist and Transformation Healing Practitioner