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Kinesiology is a way to tap into your specific emotional, energetic and spiritual states of being. Unconscious energetic patterns may be holding you back from an amazing life, career or relationship. I have been assisting clients for years to release, reconnect and clear a path towards a new reality or goal.

We are all individuals and our health issues can vary from person to person. Through the process of muscle testing, your body will alert me to the type of balancing procedures that can benefit you best. This is your body’s natural innate wisdom and awareness working. Kinesiology balances address your unique physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional needs, facilitating a balanced state of being. This is when we can destress, heal, feel more connected and repair best.

I regularly hold workshops in Tauranga and around the country, teaching all these amazing modalities.

A Kinesiology session may:

  • Relieve long standing pain, improve posture and flexibility.
  • Clear emotional and physical stress to increase your vitality.
  • Encourage better digestion, sleep and allow for increased clarity with a more positive outlook on life.
  • Connect and align to your vibrational potential.

“Diane is an awesome practitioner. I’ve had the blessing of receiving a treatment while on a flash visit to NZ and I highly recommend her. Some of the qualities I look for when I’m seeking help are compassion, emotional safety, reassurance, respect and Integrity. Diane offers these qualities to the highest degree. She assists you to choose your plan to fulfill your dreams, goals and values. To anyone who hasn’t tried kinesiology yet you don’t know what you are missing.”

– Helen F, Brisbane

90 minute Consultations in clinic or via zoom.

Diane Rosenberg

Registered Natural Health Practitioner

Certified Kinesiologist/Colour Therapist

021 1724624

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