Have you noticed how the chatter in your head is like an ongoing chorus? 

I often find it difficult to quiet the loudness of thoughts! I use this simple technique to ground and anchor me back into my body. 

I thought you might like a technique to help you with this. 

A great way to start is by rewriting your story. 

First, find an uninterrupted quiet place and time. Draw two big circles, light a candle and take a few deep breaths. 

Now, close your eyes and send down a question into your body. It may be about relationships … career … health … other.

Ask yourself this question like a mantra, until you intuitively sense and feel in your body that it’s signalling your answer.

I want you to feel, where you feel it in your body. Chest? Gut? 

Now, see how things really are at the moment? Then, re-imagine how you want to be, feel, sense, see, in a preferred situation?

Open your eyes. 

Write your story how it is now, in circle one and in circle two.

How did you receive the response from your body’s intuition? Moving with ease and freedom in your body? Feeling more spaciousness and with greater clarity? What answers came up for you ? 

This is a simple technique to ‘Touch the World in Simple Ways as you step into re-writing your story!

– Nicola Mary Burton – Soulful Muse