WORRY WATER – water is an element of emotion, release and flow. This is an energy transmutation ritual. It takes the negative energy away through water allowing you to return to a neutral energy state. Water will absorb and release negative feelings such as worry and fear.

Take a small bowl and fill it with water. As the bowl fills up with water, tell it your secrets, fears and worries. Don’t hold back. Release it all into the water by saying out loud these worries and fear, e.g. “water, I am worried about my daughter as she is spending a lot of time on her phone,” “I am worried about my weight.” Close your eyes and imagine the water holding your fears. Pour the water out, preferably into the earth (not on your plants though, perhaps on undesired weeds).

GRATITUDE BOWL – sometimes in life we forget to be grateful for the things that we have in our lives. We get so busy with the day to day tasks that we forget to give thanks. Thanks for love, thanks for connection, thanks for the compassion of others. This small ritual can be done as a reminder of gratitude.

Find a bowl and a piece of rose quartz for the number of people who are participating or one piece for everything you are grateful for. Take a crystal and hold it in your right hand with the left over top. Say something you are grateful for and place it in the bowl. Once everyone has gone put the bowl on display somewhere prominent to remind you every day what you have to be grateful for. You can also do the same thing by painting words on rocks or writing your gratitudes on paper.