Tea ceremony

You can make your own tea by gathering herbs from your garden such as lavender, rosemary, lemon balm and mint.

Dry these (in the hot water cylinder works well) for a few weeks. Once they are dry, take time and care to prepare the herbs in a glass jar (recycled is preferable). Be mindful of every movement you make while placing the herbs in the jar.

When the tea is dry, consciously boil a jug of water – watching the water as it enters the kettle. Focusing on its replenishing, purifying nature. Without it we cease to exist.

A tea steeper is best for the next step. Fill your tea steeper with the tea from your jar. As you fill your cup breathe in the aromas.

Notice the water changing colour and notice how you feel. Hold your hand over the cup and be grateful for the water that gives life.

Before you take a sip notice how you feel – are you relaxed or tense?

Relax every part of your body. Close your eyes and take your first sip – be completely mindful of how it feels.

Feel the warmth open up your heart space.

Altar to your inner child

Your inner child is the childlike aspect of your personality. The joyful smile on your lips as you see images in the shape of the clouds. The silly giggle that escapes your lips when something tickles your toes.

Your inner child is the expression of your childlike self and a source of strength. Why not celebrate this with an altar?

Find that feather on your walk through the park, or an interesting shell. Add some stickers from the $2 Shop or a crazy hair tie, a pretty coloured leaf, some coloured pencils or a snail shell. Celebrate the things that make you smile and create a sacred space in your house to remind you to laugh, play and reconnect with your inner child.

Every time you see it – Stop! Breathe! Reconnect to the source of your strength and the foundations of who you are now!


– Vicki Shannon