Once upon a time there was a beautiful Greek sea nymph called Clytia and a powerful God called Apollo. Apollo was a splendid God who drove his golden chariot across the sky.

Clytia observed Apollo in all his glory and fell in love with him. Although she was very attractive, Apollo did not love her back and took no notice of the poor sea nymph. Every day she turned her head to the sky to watch her love. Her longing and love almost drove her mad. The other Gods took pity on her and transformed her into a sunflower. Even today she continues to turn towards the sun, in order to see her beloved, Apollo.

Created from the depths of a broken heart the sunflower is a symbol of eternal devotion, peace, love and hope. Symbolising longevity in Chinese culture and as a life giver in Inca culture, the sunflower continues to be revered by people today.

As we publish the Spring edition of the Sunflower Oracle, it is with great pleasure that we welcome Tauranga and the surrounding area to the Oracle network. We look forward to welcoming more areas in the future.

Seeking out the light and holding its head up high, the sunflower is the only flower that turns its head to follow the sun. The symbol of the sunflower graces the covers of the Oracle because of all the beautiful meanings and representations behind it.

The symbol of the sunflower also honours the Oracle’s roots, starting out as a small seed in the Raglan community and continuing to grow throughout New Zealand. As a symbol of happiness, its colour lights up even the darkest days. When you look at a sunflower you cannot help but smile.

We wish all sunflower lovers eternal optimism, happiness and peace.

– Vicki Shannon