Welcome to the second Summer edition of the Sunflower Oracle! Mother Nature has graced us this Summer with amazing weather and hot temperatures. The natural world is there for us to enjoy, dig our toes into the mud or stand barefoot on the beach.

Diana, Queen of the Wilderness, is one such Goddess that embodies the natural world. Daughter of Jupiter and Latona and sister to the God Apollo, Diana reminds us of the tremendous power of walking barefoot on the earth. Often enjoying solitude, Diana reminds us that simplicity comes in taking the time for ourselves and great healing can be drawn from the earth.

This is true even if we are far away from nature. Perhaps in a big city or unable to touch the ocean waves, each of us is still able to access the power of the natural world that is always inside every one of us. You could visit a local market and purchase some flowers for your altar, or to fill a space in your bedroom where you see them every morning. You could pick up a leaf from a tree, dry it and keep it somewhere to look at everyday, to remind you of nature. You could play water sounds or a nature playlist on your phone while you drive to work. The power of nature can be connected to in so many ways.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Inside this Summer extra edition you will find some ways to reconnect yourself with the earth. Why not try out the Sun Salutations as a new morning ritual.

In the same way as the roots of the sunflower grow, so do to the roots of the Sunflower Oracle. We welcome Gail back to the Sunflower Oracle team as our new Coromandel representative, and we welcome Kathy as our Hamilton representative and Carina as our East Coast representative.

May the earth keep you grounded beneath your feet!
May the water cleanse your heart and soul!
May the fire give you strength!
May the air calm your turbulent mind!
May Spirit always guide you.

Warmest blessings,

– Vicki, on behalf of Brian and Ronja