Spend the night by candle light

Within our daily lives we are surrounded by artificial light from street lights, to LEDS, to fluorescent lights in the supermarket.

A really nice self care practice is to switch off your lights and spend your night by candle light. Put on some soft music, make a cup of herbal tea, a turmeric latte (see our website for the recipe) or a glass of kombucha and just relax and do nothing. No distractions! No light! Just you and the element of fire. Being with yourself is very important to your mental health and to reduce stress hormones.

Making time for you

Oftentimes with friends and family, work, school, kids, homelife, projects and responsibilities some of us can get overwhelmed and others are so tired before dinner time that they are almost asleep at the table. You may get sick, which is your body’s way of communicating with you to slow down.

Self Care by Yourself articleThat’s why even in a hectic 8 hour day (or longer) it is important to take time for yourself. I have even gone as far as scheduling wellbeing time into my week. I call it Wellbeing Wednesday! This is negotiated with those around, such as partners who may have to look after kids, and worked in around the other commitments you may have, like late meetings and sports. This 1-2 hour slot is unapologetic time for you! It is time to do what lights you up, brings you happiness and makes you feel good.

Some ideas could include taking a bath, going for a run, going shopping, getting your nails done, spending time in nature, weeding the garden, renovating a piece of furniture or even sitting on the grass and listening to the world around you. TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOU! When we take time for ourselves we are able to achieve more, be more productive, and be more present for those that need us.

– Vicki Shannon