Holistic wellness is about balance – have you looked at the different areas of your life lately to see what is in balance and what is out of balance?

It is about looking at the whole picture. We are told to watch what we eat and get at least eight hours of sleep but what about self care, spiritual practises, doing things that are fun? What about taking time for ourselves?

Below is the wheel of life. This is a tool that you can use to track the balance in your life. There are seven areas in the wheel of life. Take five minutes to rank how much you are focusing on these different areas by highlighting the numbers in the grid. For example if you are staying after work to finish off all your tasks then work might have a seven but if this is causing you to skip dinner then health and fitness is a two.

Each of these areas is needed to be in balance to have a more holistic way of living.

The seven areas are:

  1. Money and Finances – Do you save? Are you living within your means? Paying off debts? Where do you overspend?
  2. Community – Have you been to a local market or event? Do you help out on a beach clean up or rubbish pick up? Do you know your neighbours?
  3. Family and friends – Have you spent time hanging out with family or friends lately?
  4. Environment – How connected are you with nature? Have you done anything in your physical environment lately like tidied a cupboard or painted a wall?
  5. Career and work – Do you leave work at work at the end of the day?
  6. Partner and love – When is the last time you did something special with your partner or with yourself? Self date night? Picnic at the beach?
  7. Health and Fitness – Food? Sleep? Exercise?