Rei-ki translates to universal life force and is the energy that is all around us. A Reiki practitioner is tuned to channel this energy through their hands into a client to help them in any way they need.

Reiki can be beneficial for many ailments and helps balance the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It provides the healing that best serves the client. Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing modality and was discovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922. A Reiki healer can help you heal through by laying their hands at different places on and around the body.

During a Reiki session you sit or lie on a massage table fully clothed. The practitioner will then rest their hands on or around your body and become the conduit for Reiki. As a spiritual practice, clients may experience a deep relaxation and sense of peace. They may feel warmth from the hands of the healer or experience a physical or emotional release.

In the Sunflower Oracle database there are twelve Reiki practitioners covering all three areas. You can find them in the online directories under the Subtle Energy work category.

Why not experience a Reiki healing session yourself? These usually run for between an hour to an hour and a half. The price may vary depending on the practitioner.